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along with three large gates from back again. (b.) Areas in which the motion from the play requires the existence of countless character should be set through One E. to three At the. (c.) Absolutely no inside 鈥?excepting for short scenes ^ 鈥?ought to be limited to One E. (deb.) Interiors with regard to small shop, laborer's cot- tage, boudoir, and so on., ought to be arranged between 1 At the. and a pair of At the. (at the.) Archways and portieres ought to always be practicable, unless of course a portiere is supposed as a hiding-place just. (Or.) Stay away from the tormentors, as they result in nowhere. (g.) Let the college student " furnish Inch the above mentioned inside, therefore preparing scene-plots.^ One Observe Chapter xjdi. Six. "^ Directions for scene-plots will be given at the end of the following section. CHAPTER VI. STAGE PLANS (ongoing). 1. Outside. 鈥?A good exterior is definitely an out-dooi scene. The plans provided here are really elemen- tary. Stage-settings with regard to exteriors can be quite elaborate, symbolizing not just street as well as garden scenes, but sea and hill pic- tures, with lots of practicable functions. Strategy No. 1. / Back again CLOTH -GARDEN

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